Mobile Games

Roam Robot

by CrossChannel

Enjoy this geolocalized adventure choosing between two factions in this crazy competition to take control of the world. Fight against your friends to take as many properties as possible. You can be part of the good team or be one of the bad guys. Which side do you believe in? Download now on the Appstore.

I worked on the music and sound design for this project.

Wacky Duels

by Lazy Goblins

Can you be the best duelist around? Here in the land of Wacky Duels, it is always High Noon…ish.

Battle against your friends in the same screen multiplayer to see who is the best in the West… or East. Maybe you prefer North or South? Anyways it doesn’t matter! Wherever you are from you can duel with your friends or try to fight your way through the single player mode to test your skills!

I worked on the music and sound design for this project.


by Razzit Games

So you land lovers want to be pirates? You must not of heard the old stories then. The old tales Crazy Joe would tell to beg for a shekel or two. Some are there for a good laugh like the parrot and the peg leg. Or the story of the skeleton who spooked himself. No? So he told you about the real stories. The enchanting Sirens, the fabled White Whale, the maelstrom that swallowed Pirate’s Bay. The Seas are mysterious and will not hesitate to take another foolish soul down looking for treasures and adventure. Download the game and take helm of my ship as we search the seas for these myths and legends. Are you crazy enough to tag along? Then what are you waiting for you scallywag! Get your sea legs and join me for adventure! Do you hear that? The sea is calling your name. Don’t make her wait.

I worked on the music and the sound design for this project.

Endless Oasis

by Razzit Games​

Calvin the Cactus has been shrouded within the scorching heat for far too long. With dreams of a better life he searches for an oasis to call his own. To reach his goal he will face many dangers. Will you bring Calvin to salvation or will he perish under the relentless sun?

I worked on the music and the sounds for this project.